Welcome to High Five Specialist Contractors

The depth of knowledge and experience within our team enable us, as specialist contractors, to focus that expertise over a dedicated range of construction disciplines to solve your problems. Focusing on façade repair and refurbishment, through specialist cleaning techniques, application of decorative and protective coatings, repair of brickwork, stonework and concrete, specialist applications of silicate coatings and the application of Liquid Resin coatings for car park decks, podium decks, balconies, and walkways to offer fully warranted waterproof and decorative solutions especially where limited downtime is a requirement

Concrete protection


High Five Construction’s team offers the benefit of many years experience in the sector of specialised concrete repair works.  Known to, and recognised by, all of the main product manufacturers, their staff bring a wealth of knowledge of repair techniques to remediate and repair concrete.

We can carry out specialist testing, and sample gathering for laboratory analysis.  We also can provide repair specifications or simply react to specifications provided.  If it’s concrete, we can fix it, repair it, warrant it’s longevity and we can even make it architecturally more attractive. We can actually make other surfaces look like concrete if required

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High Five specialise in repairing and refurbishing brick facades. We can clean with care to revive brickwork. We can repair brick faces with Heritage approved mortars, We can repoint, If your brickwork is collapsing or unstable we can rectify this by installing HELIFIX retrofit ties or creating new support by installing HELIFIX Helibeams as an approved installer.

We can apply impregnation chemicals that will arrest water and salt damage. We can return brickwork to its original glory or, using silicate technology, we can totally change your brickwork to achieve a complete new look to your structure

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High Five can offer a range of waterproofing solutions for any construction situation. Working closely with specialist manufacturers such as SIKA  REMMERS & VANDEX, we can offer waterproofing from Grades 1 to 4.  We can offer below ground membranes for all types of new construction below slabs and raft foundations.

We can install or replace failed DPC. We can waterproof your basement both externally and internally, advising on ventilation, humidity and condensation issues.  All our work is fully warranted and guaranteed offering you, the customer, long term peace of mind and confidence

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Liquid Resin technology has become an important component in many areas of Construction.  High Five’s trained specialist applicators have great experience in the skill and expertise of applying these rapid curing chemicals to transform open space surfaces from car park decks, walkways, podium decks, balconies, to staircases and landings.

These products waterproof and protect, enhance aesthetically and architecturally improving living and working environments, are durable and come with warranties up to 20 years at no extra cost. Highly cleanable and non slip.

We have applied coatings manufactured by all the main manufacturers such as SIKA, TREMCO and RPM

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car Parks


Car Parks have become a focal point in our society in respect of our reliance on the automobile. Throughout the UK, millions of pounds are spent each year to make these areas safe and welcoming environments for the users.

Primary in this, apart from the potential structural repair that we can offer, are the cold applied liquid coating systems that waterproof and decorate car park surfaces, such as those manufactured by SIKA, TREMCO & RPM.

A recent entrant to the sector in 2018, High Five Construction’s team of specialist applicators have completed excellent work in this field for the likes of AXA Insurance and Kent County Council. We specialise in the application of rapid curing resin technology that allow the fast and effective repair of surfaces with minimal downtime, thereby reducing the inconvenience to the end user

We believe we are the most competitive in the marketplace and all our work is fully warranted and guaranteed.

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Facade Refurbishment


They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover !”…Whatever the nature of construction of your project or building, the reality is that what your residence, HQ, depot, office, retail space etc. looks like outside will immediately colour prospective users, clients, customers and visitors in their initial impression of you and potentially your business. If you don’t protect your building, it will decrease in value, become more costly to maintain and eventually become an unsafe environment.

We at High Five are the “Transformers” whatever is required we have the skills to renovate and protect to a very high standard at a reasonable cost.

We can provide access by MEWP or mobile towers, where suitable, to save expensive scaffold costs.  We can carry out the works using one of our abseiling teams who are all IATA trained.

So from cleaning it, repairing it, to painting it, we can even improve your thermal efficiency by installing SAFE external wall insulation with decorative special renders.

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