Brickwork & Stone Repair and Stone Restoration

Natural, practical and durable, stone has been used as a primary building material for thousands of years. And although a weathered, aged look can add to its aesthetic appeal, stone is also prone to  weakening, erosion and crumbling over time.

Deterioration isn’t just due to age and the British climate. Moss, lichen and ivy growth, even acidic bird droppings and burrowing masonry bees play a part in weakening stone structures. Failing stonework can also be due to poor construction and inadequate modern repairs using incompatible cement mixtures instead of lime based mortars which help control moisture levels naturally.

High Five specialist stone repair contractors combine traditional skilled workmanship with modern technology to cover all aspects of stone repair and stone restoration.

Using lime-based mortars approved by English Heritage, our sympathetic repair works will not only reinforce the structural integrity of a building, but also restore it to its original beauty.  Using potassium silicone technology we can carefully match and blend the colour tones to exactly replicate the original.

All our work is covered by an exclusive 5 year warranty as standard, guaranteeing the high quality and durability of our stone repair service.

For quality and expert stone repairs and restoration, contact High Five today.

High Five specialise in colour-toning brickwork, an essential requirement when restoring the façade of a listed building.
High Five complete restoration of brick façade using Keim Silicate. Restored, toned and aged by our craftsmen.