Helifix are the leading exponent in the Construction industry with the most advanced technology to strengthen and stabilise failing masonry structures whether these be on large challenging projects or the typical structural problems experienced by homeowners. High Five gained Helifix approved installer status in 2018 and since then have gone on to install these amazing products on all manner of structures. Using a unique system designed around the main product, which is a steel helical bar manufactured under exacting conditions to give this small-diameter steel extrusion exceptional strength. They complement this with a range of wall ties for masonry other new build and retrofix with tie main types Dry Fix and Resities. Primarily used on older structures where the existing ties have failed through corrosion or poor initial installation.

Installations come with a joint Warranty from Helifix and High Five of Five years duration that are backed up by Helifix’s in house structural engineering expertise

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We recently remediated on a block of flats where the brick ties in cavity walls did nt actually connect with the inner skin wall ! Cracking to walls can have many causes and our Helifix training allows us to identify problems caused by issues such as tree root growth, clay heave and issues caused by neighbours constructing extensions and affecting your property in the process. Common applications are for crack bonding, lintol strengthening, creating movement joints. Controlling below ground movement and stitching cracks and crosswalls. Whatever the structural issue Helifix have a solution and with High Five you get trained operatives and the back up of Helifix’s in house engineer to design and control the process from survey to installation and both High Five and Helifix Warranties