Concrete protection and facade restoration

With over 30 years experience, High Five has gained a solid reputation as a specialist leader in facade restoration and concrete protection.

Using the latest technologies we carry out extensive testing and subsequent repair works based on a tailored specification for your needs. We can also work with existing repair specifications to suggest further cost effective solutions. Our specialist services include:


High Five Construction

Corroded concrete damaged by insufficient protection is removed mechanically to expose the steel reinforcement. Corrosion is removed and a special liquid steel reinforcement protector is applied to the reinforcing bars prior to a polymer modified pre-bagged structural repair concrete being applied to reinstate the concrete to its original line and profile


High Five Construction

These columns at Aldgate House in the City of London used to be clad in ugly circular steel shrouds. When the Client decided to upgrade his office space these shrouds were removed. What was exposed clearly revealed why they had been hidden ! Using specialist techniques they were repaired, reprofiled, returned to their original shape and design and then enhanced using Keim Concretal Lasur silicate

The chemicals and poultices we use are biodegradable, making them far more environmentally friendly and safer than traditional toxic cleaning acids.

Concrete Protection

High Five Construction

High Five can perform onsite investigation of concrete corrosion and breakdown due to climatic effects and inadequate maintenance and protection. Our services include:

  • Chloride content and carbonisation attack testing
  • Concrete repairs, refurbishment and protection using latest technologies such as cathodic protection, micro corrosion inhibitors and specialist coatings
  • Improve the overall finish and aesthetic look of exposed cast concrete, using silicate chemicals to individually colour match onsite
  • Complete facade redecoration including metalwork refurbishment and replacement

For expert facade restoration and concrete protection